Join us!

Prior to coming the day of our M.E.A.L. events, you must sign up online. Detailed information and a volunteer waiver will be sent to your email. 

Here is how our day works: 

Preparing and packaging meals (9 AM - 12 PM)

  1. Volunteers gather at our meeting site to meet and introduce themselves to our day of Fresno’s M.E.A.L. team 

  2. Tasks, such as the following, are assigned based off volunteers interest:

    • Personalizing meal bags (no bag is exactly the same!)

    • Preparing and/or cooking food

    • Assembling care packages that go along with every meal

    • Cutting and bagging bread rolls

  3. Once tasks are complete, all volunteers will be a part of packaging items into bags that were personalized by volunteers

Distributing meals (12 -  1 PM)

  1. To keep the community aspect on the go, volunteers carpool together to our distributions site:  

    • G Street and Ventura Street

  2. Together we walk, with a smile and open hard, to give meals directly into the hands of homeless individuals.

Assessing our program

  1. Throughout the day, we will be talking about the Fresno's M.E.A.L. experience. This includes talking about the cooking and distribution process. Be ready to share what you feel to help out our community! 
  2. After meal distribution, volunteers gather back together for a wrap up of the day.