What participants have to say about the experience. 

"It was one of the most rewarding experience I've had in a long time! Loved it!"
- Sherri Woods

"I remember walking up to a lady who had a limp. A fellow volunteer and I gave her a meal but she denied it because she said she didn't have any money. We told her they were free. She gave us a face like we just told her she won the lottery. I'll never forget that moment because not only was it a meal, we gave hope, happiness and joy."

- Michael Quintero

"The beauty of smiles that would show on the faces of people receiving a meal <3"

- Marlynn Mijangos

"Hearing my second grade Girl Scout Brownies say how fun it was to help made them feel great afterwards. They'd like to help again!"

- Kathie Sakamoto

"Seeing faces light up when they realize all you want to do is give them something. Priceless."

- Ben Phillips

"Listening to our son go on and on about how important it is to treat people with kindness. He had such a great time and started telling everyone about Fresno's M.E.A.L." 

- Stephanie Niewohner

"My first meal that I gave to someone was to a woman pushing a cart. I asked if she would like to have a meal. She touched my hand, looked into my eyes and said thank you. I was filled with hope that I can make a difference."

- Jerry Green

"Fresno's M.E.A.L. is a great concept, done with real heart. It was a great experience to participate in."

- Jamie Lupo

"Working as a team, being organized, making new friend. It was the first time doing such a heartwarming deed :)"

- Jeanette Hinojosa

"The vibe and people are all memorable. Fresno's M.E.A.L. is a great group of people coming together for a great cause."

- Kay