Three and a half years ago, we had an incredible idea. That idea became a reality when we started Fresno’s MEAL in a our founders family home. Since that day (November 23, 2013), people who didn’t know each other came together to create a program that did some real stuff. We have given out over 6,200 homemade meals directly into the hands of homeless individuals calling the streets of Fresno their home.

It is a bittersweet moment that we announce operations of our Fresno’s M.E.A.L. program will discontinue in November 2017.
The main reason why? Over the past six months, our community partnerships have declined. Our team of five people - ranging from college students to full time employees - came together to cover the costs averaging $300 a month to keep our program going.

Why November 2017? A promise to homeless individuals was made at the beginning of the year to continue providing a homemade, delicious, quality meal. If you are interested in supporting that effort, we have set up a GoFundMe that you can make a contribution by clicking here or the GoFundMe logo below.

Know that until November, we are going to do whatever we can to continue to still help. Our supply of nonperishable snacks, hygiene and care items we have been collecting will all be given directly to homeless individuals, and our team will continue to lead by example and provide their own financial support. It’s our promise we will not go back on.

To our over 1,000 amazing people who have joined us for a Fresno’s M.E.A.L, we thank you. You are what helped keep our program full of energy to continue. Know that this is not the end of what we feel can happen in Fresno. The team we have will move into our parent organization COMMON SPACE. COMMON SPACE will incubate and support the efforts of other smaller startup nonprofits, like ours, gathering support to create more sustainable efforts. We are not giving up because from our grassroots efforts on the streets, more has to be done for the Central Valley.

This is not goodbye. It’s a new beginning.

- Michelle, Brenda, Lisa, Crystal and Justin

Watch our Facebook Live about the closing of Fresno's MEAL